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C. Writing & Speaking
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Giáo viên:   Thạc sĩ  Nguyễn Thị Bạch Yến.

Giới thiệu:

C. Writing & Speaking:

Dựa vào phần từ vựng để thực hành kĩ năng nói và viết theo chủ đề “UNDERSEA WORLD” thông qua các bài tập.

_Kĩ năng nói: Xác định cấu trúc được sử dụng để nói về nguyên nhân và kết quả và giải pháp.

_Kĩ năng viết: Học sinh sẽ học được các viết bài báo cáo dựa vào bảng thông tin.


Task 1.Below are some actions that should be taken to protect our oceans.

Work in pairs. Put the actions in the order of importance and then say what we should or should not do.

a. Place rubbish and plastic bags in proper dustbins.

b. Use water sparingly and do not pollute it.

c. Do not fish for species that are limited, threatened or endangered.

d. Dispose of fishing lines and nets properly, not in or near the water.

e. Do not use herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers that harm the environment.

f. Learn all you can about the oceans.

g. Keep only the fish that you will eat; release the rest.

h. Be a smart shopper and choose your seafood responsibly.


Task 2. Work in groups. Below are some threats to the health of the oceans. Discuss the consequences that might occur and offer some possible solutions.

Beaches are filled with plastic bags, pieces of glass and cigarette butts.

Whales and sharks are still hunted for foods, medicine, and other products.

Explosives are used to catch fish and other sea animals.

Oil is spilled from tankers.


Task 3. Report to the class what your group has discussed.




 Main ideas: threats à consequences à solutions




1. Do you know this animal?

2. Do you know anything about sperm whale?

Task 1.Work in pairs.Read the description of the sperm whale and then complete the table that follows.

Sperm whales are the biggest animals on Earth that have teeth. They are carnivores, which means they eat meat. Although sperm whales can be found in all oceans, they prefer the waters with high squid populations, which are their main diet. A sperm whale can eat up to 1,500kg of food each day. Sperm whales are big animals.

The males can grow up to 18 meters long and weigh up to 54,000 kg while the females are a bit smaller with a length of 12 meters and a weight of 17,000 kg. A female sperm whale gives birth to one calf every five to seven years after a gestation period of fourteen to nineteen months. The life span of sperm whales can be up to 60 or 70 years. It is interesting to know that they also have the largest brain of any mammals. Sperm whale populations are at risk due to hunting and their accidental entrapment in fishing nets.

Task 2. The table on the next page gives some information about the dolphin. Write a paragraph that describes the facts and figures provided in the table.

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