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A. Reading & Vocabulary
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Đánh giá bài giảng:

   Giáo viên:   Thạc sĩ  Nguyễn Thị Bạch Yến.

   Giới thiệu:

   A. Reading & Vocabulary: Rèn luyện kĩ năng đọc hiểu theo chủ đề TECHNOLOGY & YOU

  _ Học sinh sẽ có thêm kiến thức về ngành tin học.

                                                             _ Học sinh sẽ có thêm kĩ năng đọc hiểu: xác định ý chính


Before you read.

1. Work with a partner.Look at the illustrations of different parts of a computer system. Match each numbered item with one of the words or phrases in the box.

A. Central processing unit (CPU)            …….

B. CD ROMs     …….

C. Keyboard     …….

D. visual display unit (VDU) or computer screen …….                            

E. Mouse          …….

F. floppy disks  …….

G. Printer          …….                            

H.speakers        …….

While you read.

Read the passage and then do the tasks that follow. Computers have become part of our daily lives. We visit shops, offices, and places of scenic beauty with the help of computers. We pay bills prepared by computers. We read newspapers and magazines which have been produced on computers. We receive letters from and send letters to almost every part of the world with the help of computers. And we can even learn foreign languages on computers.

What makes a computer such a miraculous device? Each time you turn it on, with appropriate hardware and software, it is capable of doing almost anything you ask it to. It is a calculating machine which speeds up calculations: it can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with lightning speed and perfect accuracy.

It is an electronic storage device which manages large collections of data. It is a magical typewriter which allows you to type and print any kind of document – letters, memos or requests for leave. It is a personal communicator which helps you to interact with other computers and with people around the world. And if you like entertainment, you can relax by playing computer games or listening to computer-played music.


Scenic (a)        

àplaces of scenic beauty        

Bill (n)  

Prepare (v)       

Miraculous (a)  

Device (n)        

Appropriate (a) 

Hardware (n)     

Software (n)     

Capable of (a)  

Calculate (v)     

àcalculation (n)           

àcalculator (n) 

Speed up (v)    

Add (v)

Subtract (v)      

Multiply (v)       

Divide (v)         

Lightning (n)     

Accuracy (n)     

Electronic (a)    

Storage (n)       

Manage (v)       

Collection (n)    

Datum (n, sing.)           

àData (n, plural)          

Magical (a)       

Typewriter (n)   

Allow (v)           

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