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Lệ phí : 6.000 Đồng
A. Reading & Vocabulary
Số phần: 5 phần
Số lần xem tối đa: 6 lần/phần
bai giang anh van lop 10
Đánh giá bài giảng:

    Giáo viên:   Thạc sĩ  Nguyễn Thị Bạch Yến.

    Giới thiệu:

   A. Reading & Vocabulary: Rèn luyện kĩ năng đọc hiểu theo chủ đề SPECIAL EDUCATION

   _ Học sinh sẽ tìm hiểu về sự giáo dục dành cho trẻ em bị khuyết tật

_ Học sinh sẽ có thêm từ vựng về  lãnh vực giáo dục đặc biệt

_ Học sinh sẽ có kĩ năng đọc hiểu như: matching, gap-fill, multiple-choice questions.


Before you read.

1. Work with a partner. Make a list of activities you do every day. Then ask your partner which ones he/ she thinks would be difficult forblind and deaf people.

Playing sports

 Singing karaoke

 Playing games


 Watching TV

 Crossing the streets

Listening to music

Riding bike to school


2. Work with a partner. Look at the Braille Alphabet. Then work out the message that follows.

    WE               ARE                      THE                WORLD

While you read. Read the passage and then do the tasks that follow.


Like other teachers, Pham Thu Thuy enjoys her teaching job. However, her class is different from other classes. The twenty-five children, who are learning how to read and write in her class, are disabled. Some are deaf, some dumb and others mentally retarded. Most of the children come from large and poor families, which prevents them from having proper schooling.

At first, there was a lot of opposition from the parents of the disabled children. They used to believe that their children could not learn anything at all. In the first week, only five children attended the class. Gradually more children arrived. Their parents realised that the young teacher was making great efforts to help their poor kids.

Watching Thuy taking a class, one can see how time-consuming the work is. During a maths lesson, she raised both arms and opened up her fingers one by one until all ten stood up. She then closed the fingers one by one. She continued the demonstration until the children realised they had just learned how to add and subtract. They know a new world is opening up for them.


Disabled (a):    

Deaf (a):          

Dumb (a):        

Blind (a):          

Mentally (adv): 

Retarded (a):                

Prevent (v):      

Proper (a):       

Opposition (n): 

Attend (v):        

Gradually (adv):

Effort (n):         

time-consuming (a):      

Raise (v):         

Arm (n):           

Finger (n):        

Demonstration (n):        

Add (v):           

Subtract (v):      

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