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Lệ phí : 6.000 Đồng
C. Writing & Speaking
Số phần: 4 phần
Số lần xem tối đa: 6 lần/phần
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Đánh giá bài giảng:


   Giáo viên:   Thạc sĩ  Nguyễn Thị Bạch Yến.

   Giới thiệu:

   C. Writing & Speaking: Rèn luyện kĩ năng nói và viết

 _ Học sinh biết cách tường thuật lại một câu chuyện xảy ra trong quá khứ, sử dụng thì quá khứ đơn.

 _ Học sinh sẽ học được cách hỏi và đáp về các hoạt động trong ngày cũng như nói về thời khóa biểu của một người nào đó.


Task 1.Quan is a tenth-grade student. He goes to school every morning. Below is his weekly timetable. Ask and answer questions with a partner, using the information from the timetable.


S1: What time does Quan have  ?

S2: He has a Civic Education lesson     


S1: What lesson does Quanhave           

S2: At 7:15 on Monday, he has 

Task 2.Talk about Quan’s activities, using the pictures below.

Some necessary expressions:

- get up:          

- study the lesson:       

- listen to music:         

- do homework:           

- watch TV:                  

-go to the playground: 

- play game:    

- play soccer: - go home:         

- take a shower:           

- have dinner:  

Task 3. Tell your classmates about your daily routine.


Task 1.Read the following passage and find all the verbs that are used in the past simple and the connectors (time expressions) in the story:

14th July 1995 is a day I shall never forget. On that day, I stared death in the face.

Our flight was due to leave at 11 a.m., and I arrived at the airport quite early. We got on the plane at 10:30 and the plane took off on time. The air-hostesses were just beginning to serve our lunch when the plane began to shake.

At first, we thought we were flying on bad weather. We were told to stay seated and fastened our seatbelts. Then suddenly the plane seemed to dip. We realised we were in danger. Many people screamed in panic. We all thought we had only minutes to live.

Then, just when we had given up all hope, we felt the plane slowly gained height. A few minutes later the pilot announced that everything was all right. We were all overjoyed and relieved. One hour later we landed safely. It was the most frightening experience of my life.

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